Top Restaurants In Saigon



1. Cham Charm

Cham Charm Gallery Cuisine is one of the most beautiful and luxury restaurants in the restaurant chain of the Khaisilk Group. The architecture of construction is inspired by the mysterious image of the Angkor Wat. Having a dinner at Cham Charm restaurant, tourists will be overwhelmed by the luxury and splendor of this restaurant. Cham Charm is located in the heart of the busy commercial center of Phu My Hung, on the banks of the Thay Tieu River, next to the Crescent Lake and the Anh Dao Bridge. The menu is the harmonious combination of cuisines from many countries from all over the world with more than 130 dishes, and of course, the price for a dinner in Cham Charm restaurant is not cheap at all. Customers have to pay from 30$ to 70$ to enjoy a dinner here.

2. El Gaucho

If you are a fan of steak but you're getting bored with American steak, El Gaucho – a 5-star beefsteak restaurant in District 1 with steakhouse of Argentina will be a wise choice for you. The restaurant is decorated in a modern style mixed with nostalgia to create a unique space. The menu at El Gaucho is quite varied from steaks, poultry, seafood along with premium wines. The price for a dinner at El Gaucho is from 25$ to 70$.

3. Moutain Retreat

Located at the most beautiful street in Saigon – Le Loi Street, District 1, Moutain Retreat restaurant sets in the rooftop of a building. Inspired by the mountainous image, the decorative items at Moutain Retreat are made of stone, wood, and lively motifs, bringing the comfort, cozy and absolute satisfaction to customers. The cuisine of Mountain Retreat Restaurant is the interesting mix of traditional Vietnamese cuisine along with the creation of Eastern culinary. Besides attractive dishes, the restaurant also serves desserts like corn tea, cinnamon red apple juice or carrot juice.

4. Pachi Pachi

Pachi Pachi restaurant is a favorite place for many customers because of its warm space and delicious dishes. This restaurant serves you the most mouthwatering dishes in typical of Japanese cuisine. Each dish, especially barbecue here is marinated with special recipes of the chef, and you cannot find this flavor in any else places. The special thing about the restaurant is its sauce. Pachi Pachi has 18 kinds of sauces for each baking dish, hotpot, fries, and salad like tare sauce, red sauce, black sauce, gochujang or gomadare sauce. The restaurant located in Mac Dinh Chi Street, District 1.

5. Secret Garden

As its name, the restaurant is a peaceful garden situated on the 4th floor of an old apartment in Pauster Street, and very easy to find. Each item, each corner of the restaurant shows Vietnamese style. One more unique thing is that all dishes in Secret Garden are traditional and popular dishes in every meal in Vietnam, but thanks to that familiarity, the restaurant becomes an ideal destination for those who get bored with modern dishes.

6. Magnolia Kitchen & Cafe

Magnolia is the intersection of both Orient and Occident, both classic and modern. With a cozy atmosphere, Magnolia restaurant brings visitors a relaxed, gentle feeling. Magnolia is divided into different areas with different aims. Dining at Magnolia features traditional Vietnamese cuisine and definitely leaves you a good impression.