Top Remarkably High Waterfalls in Gia Lai


There are many waterfalls in Gia Lai which have amazing heights of over 40m and a magnificent beauty such as Phu Cuong waterfall, nine-layer waterfall, Bau Can waterfall or Le Kim waterfall.

Phu Cuong waterfall

Phu Cuong waterfall is 45m in height, 35m in width and has a flow above the mineral ground of an inactive volcano. In the rainy season, the great waterfall pours its water down fast and thickly that looks like a huge pillar of water. While in the dry season, the stream is narrower and appears to be elegant silks falling from the sky.

The location, terrain, and atmosphere in the area of this fall are relatively the same as the one in central highlands; therefore, when coming here, not only can you admire its beauty but also enjoy the fresh water, multi-shape magma stones and lots of colorful flowers along the stream.

Besides, you can lie on large rocks at the foot of the waterfall and let the sound of the water and birds delude you. Other interesting things are to follow the Stream of La Peet River to Ayun hydroelectric lake, swim around the lake, go fishing or explore the life of Bana and Gia Lai people in the nearby villages.

Phu Cuong waterfall locates in the area of Phu Cuong quarry, Dun commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province.

Le Kim waterfall

The stream of Le Kim waterfall is not wide but collides with each smaller ones and broke into tiny drops of water. Below the sunlight, these drops of water look like colorful drops of tear. At the foot of the waterfall, a large lake is separated into two parts by small stones which collect into a group.

Looking far away from this fall, it looks like a white towel flying among the rough rocks. When coming closer, besides its amazing stream, the big rock cave at the foot of the waterfall can help visitors experience the life in the prehistoric age.

Le Kim waterfall lies in La To Commune, Grai district, Gia Lai province.

Xung Khoeng Waterfall

On the contrary to a picture of the dazzling whitewater, this waterfall is outstanding in the background of the grey rocks. Along with its two edges, they feature with green grasses and brushwood that makes the fall poetic and beautiful. The best way to enjoy the waterfall is to sit on the rocks and feel the soft, lightly wet of the moss and sink in the fresh atmosphere and the cool of water vapor below large leaf canopies.

The location of Xung Khoeng waterfall is in La Me commune, Chu prong district, Gia Lai province.

Nine-layer waterfall

Nine-layer waterfall is not really high but long and winding along the rough rocks and divides into nine separate layers. Each layer is from 5 to 10m in height but for the two lowest layers which are 15m in height.

Although it doesn’t have the superb beauty of a stream pouring straight down from a high mountain, the sound of the water crashing into the rocks is as great as the one of Phu Cuong waterfall. Consequently, this waterfall is still listed in the same group.

 Looking from the side, tourists will feel that it looks like a long staircase covered with water; while when looking above, the fall appears to be a dragon ready for flying to the sky.

This waterfall is 20km far from the Pleiku city, La Sao commune, Lagrai district.